Actually guys.

In the interest of a new blog, , This blog is closing. 

This blog is starting up soon.

I’ve found some time and I want to get back to drawing. 


This isn’t going to be moonlily anymore, if I don’t like drawing her I wont continue, hell she’s not even in the profession I wanted anymore, This blog is gonna spend a little time revamping to Mocha Mint, a cafe owner, I think I can do  lot more. Trust me she’s also adorable blah blah blah.


I just don’t like drawing Moonlily anymore, I don’t like her personality, it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to at first, I’m just blarg.


Have no idea how this blog got more than 100 followers… no freaking idea… anyways, I might not have internet for the next month, but on top of that I just kinda lost interest in this…